Master Course Student of Physics and Astronomy Program and Her Collaborator Astronomers Captured a “Fetal Star” in Growth, proved by Radio Wave, in the “Maternal” Molecular Cloud Core While being Wrapped by Magnetic Field Lines.





Ms. Sakiko Fukaya (M.S., 2022) of Shinnaga Laboratory in the Physics and Astronomy Program, 
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, has published her paper in the PASJ (Publication of Astronomical Society of Japan) 
for her master's thesis results.   
The journal PASJ selected one of the paper's figures for the cover page of the journal (PASJ vol. 75 no.1). 
 Associate Professor Hiroko Shinnaga of the Graduate School and the Amanogawa Galaxy Research Center (AGARC) and the Dean of the Graduate School, 
Professor Yamaguchi,along with Ms. Fukaya, 
 held a press conference at Kagoshima University Graduate School to explain the impact of the scientific results. 
 In conjunction with this event, the East Asia Observatory had a joint press release in the United States.
The press conference was held on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at 9:00 a.m.  (JST), 
simultaneously with the East Asia Observatory in Hawaii, U.S.A.
The press release can be found at the following link.
(Kagoshima University public relations page)
(Milky Way Galaxy Research Center page)学術雑誌pasj表紙掲載の記者会見を行いました/
(Kagoshima University Faculty of Science page)電波で探る 
The moment of the birth of the "fetal star" - winding magnetic field lines/
(Overseas Research Organization Press Release Page: East Asian Observatory EAO )